Tax and tip worksheets with answers

And 7th grade students get great review with proportions in real world applications. The activities in this post are excellent for independent practice, bell ringers, anticipatory sets, homework, math centers, etc.

Tax & Tip Math Homework Help?

I love to use videos for anticipatory sets. If you find the right videos and have students looking for one thing, or answering one focus question, during the video they can be engaging. My go to site with a wide range of videos and a little bit of silliness is Shmoop. This free video from Shmoop shows some examples of percents. After watching this video in my class, it organically started a conversation about credit cards. Most of my 7th graders knew nothing about credit cards and how they work, so it was cool to see the look on their faces when they realized how much more they have to pay for something on a credit card.

So, this gives me a way to help out with improving language arts skills. This video is and has a lot of information about percents. This is a quirky video mixed with some math concepts.

Also, it features a female mathematician. I love having students work in partners. When I was first a teacher, I was reluctant to let students talk to each other. I absolutely love partner activities because they keep students more engaged and greatly increases the amount of math talk happening in my classroom.

Here are a couple of tax, tips, and discounts activities for you to try out with your students:. I love paper chains. When I first heard about them I was skeptical. Students put the answers in order and it gets students working together.

After they put all the questions in order, they get it checked. Finally, they put the chain together. Math at the Mall is a free game from Math Playground. I have the students play this in partners because they are more likely to keep each other accountable.

The questions are good and students love getting to play a game. They answer questions and collect gold coins. This could be used as a fast finisher tax, tips, and discount activity.

There are so many things that you can do with task cards. My favorite is having students work in partners. I always use self-checking task cards because it gives students the opportunity to think about their mistakes.

This is a set of three mazes about finding tax, tips, and discounts. I like to use them as a bell ringer after the students have gotten the hang of it.This isn't the entire answer TurboTax needs to provide thatbut maybe this will help a bit. The screen will flip around and should take you to the item in question.

tax and tip worksheets with answers

I was able to determine what to fill in but imagine people's situations will vary. It wasn't super intuitive I am getting the same message! I'm not aware of receiving a State Tax Refund Worksheet This error refers to the amount on line 5c of your Schedule A forwhich is state and local personal property taxes. That is usually the deductible amount of your vehicle registration fees. If you did not itemize, you can enter 0. If you did itemize, just check your Schedule A from and fill in the number you had on line 5c.

Get the latest stimulus news and tax filing updates. Community : Discussions : Taxes : State tax filing : If I am being told to check this entry and it says Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

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tax and tip worksheets with answers

Level 1. I am getting teh same message and cannot get past it. TurboTax, please respond. Thank you.

Percent Word Problems Tax Tip Discount Answer Keys

Great question - I'm getting the same thing! Employee Tax Expert.Discount is the reduction in usual price of an article. The shopkeepers try to lure as many customers as possible for which they sometimes offer a certain amount of rebate or discount to the customers. When discount is offered on an article, a certain price is attached to the article, which is the marked price of the article. When the shopkeeper offers discount on this marked price, customer pays the difference between the marked price and the discount.

It may be in the form of sales tax, service tax, entertainment tax etc. Tip is a small amount of money given to someone who provided service to us, like a server or waiter in a restaurant. Example : Stance went to a restaurant for lunch. How much amount did she pay in all? Email Us.

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Research has proven that personal online tutoring not just cements school learning, it helps build student confidence. All our tutors are graduates and bring with them years of teaching experience to the tutoring lessons. Post every tutoring session, an individualized worksheet is emailed to the student to assimilate learned concepts.

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The easy-to-use web conferencing software requires a one time download, using which the student can talk and chat to the tutor, annotate on an interactive shared whiteboard or even share documents, assignments or worksheets.

All tutoring sessions are recorded and made available for a month so you can review concepts taught. Sign up for a Free Trial Lesson Today! Thousands have taken the eTutorWorld Advantage — what are you waiting for? Discount, Tax, and Tip Word Problems. So, the customer pays marked price — discount.

Daniel went for a dinner to a restaurant with his friends. What was total amount they paid for the dinner, including the tip? Quick Links.Played times. Print Share Edit Delete. Live Game Live. Finish Editing. This quiz is incomplete!

To play this quiz, please finish editing it. Delete Quiz. Question 1. Ed buys tickets for his wife, himself, and their 2 children. What is the total cost Ed will spend on the vacation? Which store has the better deal, and what is the savings compared to the other store? Final prices are the same. How much money will she spend if she purchases 3 bottles of perfume?

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A family of four went to dinner at a local restaurant. Jocelyn goes to two different stores to buy jeans. Both stores are having a sale. Which of the following is true about the situation? The sale price is the same for both stores. The store charged 7. What was the total amount Lucas paid for the four tires? John has a part-time job delivering pizza. What percent of the cost of the meal did they leave as a tip? The tax rate was 8.

tax and tip worksheets with answers

Which of the following is an estimate of the amount of tax he will pay on his purchase? What percent of the bill did they leave as tip? The sales tax rate in Harris County is 7. Which of the following is the amount of the bill? What was the approximate sales tax rate?

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Tax Tip Discount

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How to Find Original Price: Tax 1

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Tip and tax worksheet?

Have something to tell us about the gallery?Example 1: Mr. How did the department store compute this amount? What amount should Mr. Smith pay? Solution: 2. Sales tax was charged by the department store at a rate of 7. Answer: Mr. Sales tax rates vary from state to state. Sales tax is usually the responsibility of the merchant to collect and submit to the state, and stated separately or implicitly added at the time of the sale to consumers.

Let's look at some more examples of sales tax. Example 2: If the sales tax rate is 7. What is the total cost for the tape including tax?

If the sales tax rate is 6. What is the total cost for the car including tax? As you can see, for small purchases, sales tax can be a nuisance; whereas for large purchases, sales tax can be a significant amount.

Let's look at an example in which the sales tax rate is unknown. Analysis: Sales tax is the difference between the amount of the total bill and the price of the item. If we divide the sales tax by the price of the item, we get the sales tax rate. Summary: Sales tax is a tax on goods and services purchased and is normally a percentage added to the buyer's cost. Directions: Each problem below involves sales tax.

tax and tip worksheets with answers

Solve each problem below by entering a dollar amount with cents. Round to the nearest cent when necessary.

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