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Diagram Base Website Full Edition. What is phase diagram in chemistry? This is a structure which aids the chemist to know the properties of the various components of the chemical compound. The phase diagram can also be known as single stage diagram, double phase diagram, or fluid phase diagram.

The diagrams used in phases incorporate molecular disturbance, solid state stages, molecular bonding, and ionic fluids. The molecular dividing phase indicates the separation of electrons to individual ions. Solid-state stages show the bonds of electrons and molecular weights. At the molecular level, the liquid phase diagram can be used to show the formation of molecules such as amino acids.

At the atomic level, it depicts the formation of atoms and atoms. There are 3 different types of stages; these will be the solids, liquids, and aqueous. When studying stage diagrams, one can learn about chemical bonding, which is the process whereby molecules of two distinct substances bond together.

When analyzing this, it's necessary to be aware that the bond between the alloy and the other element has little to do with the solubility of these metals. It's a lot easier to study phase diagrams if both elements are at room temperature. This is a result of how the bonds between the elements form obviously, while the components are cold. Solute functions as a catalyst once the chemicals are in room temperature, but at higher temperatures, the bonds are a lot stronger.

A phase diagram is also utilized in the element classification. When this is done, the three elements which are common to many men and women are broken down in to two classes, and these are the alkali metals and alkaline earth metals.

Theelements that are important to contemporary life, such as hydrogen and oxygen, are split into two groups, such as alkaline earth metals and alkaline earth substances. When analyzing the stages, it's crucial to keep in mind that every component has a unique melting stage, and it is necessary to comprehend every element's chemical composition before deciding its location in the phase diagram.

The phase diagram helps a chemist in figuring the procedure that the molecules undergo during a response. By way of instance, the diagram informs the chemist how a way of sodium alloy interacts with the acid solution.

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The phase diagram may be used to understand the behavior of organic molecules, like polymers, polysaccharides, and starch, which can be important to many creatures and plants. For instance, the phases of sugar provide information about the behavior of crystals which form at the molecular level. User Blog. User Blog Global. Mazda 6 User Wiring Diagram Securely Verified.Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer stereo wiring connector video monitor.

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Free Download. Circuit Diagram. Car Stereo Wiring. Car Manuals. Service Manual. FORD Car Radio Stereo Audio Wiring Diagram Autoradio connector wire installation schematic schema esquema de conexiones stecker konektor connecteur cable shema car stereo harness wire speaker pinout connectors power how to install. Car radio. Model autoradio. IC Amplifier. CD changer. S National Semi.Can someone pls help me with Linea Tjet Owners manual.

The earlier link mentioned in post is not working. Thanks for the help. Newly found Ford Ikon 1. Catalyst I guess this is just one page of the manual? Did I get something wrong? Originally Posted by amitwiz1. Attached Files Owner Manual Binder1. Last edited by searchingheaven : 17th January at Reason: Corrupted Files Uploaded.

Seems like some of the links are broken. If anyone has a user manual for Skoda Laura, please share. View My Garage. Originally Posted by EagleEye.

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Originally Posted by SuperBee. Nice Initiative. Originally Posted by Santoshbhat. Here you go Thanks for that. Is it also possible to obtain a user manual, for, say a model Laura? I'm looking to buy one right now used. Originally Posted by Harish. Need it for the part numbers as advaidt and trident dont know for a few parts i need from them like the oil preassure switch. Originally Posted by Simhi.

Nice initiative. Originally Posted by LPLike Tweet.

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Tim Mullett. Catalin Capota. Charles Odom. Cheryl Cording. Chris Dawg. Juliana Hoche. Bruce AcKinclose. Rachel Price. Nicholas Sims. Brandon Coulston. Ashleigh Peake. Jed Miller. Or all of you to da. Dumb a. Anonymouscauseitwon'tletmeusDJ Unregistered guest.

This thing is supposedly a GM product but I'm not finding anything on the web for it. It's installed on a '92 Cadillac Seville owned by my 74 year old father and he won't part with it, even though the car can't be started. Naeed Unregistered guest. I direly need the wiring diagram for a Honda Civic LX 4-door. I am attempting to fix a botched install job, and some of the features are either not hooked up, or hook up wrong.

If you have one, or you know where I can find one, please email me. Help does not mean just ask us what to do because your to lazy to do anything. It means to ask us because you've looked all over and CAN'T find anything.

Before you reply to this and go on a rant about "I looked all over the internet blah, blah, blah, ETC. Scott D. Unregistered guest. BIB Unregistered guest. Bdowns Unregistered guest. Perry Taylor Unregistered guest.View My Garage. I have a Ford Ikon 1. This used to initially happen only on cold start, that too once in a blue moon after being fixed each time First few occurances the Ford workshop guys in Kolkata said that the ECM fuse blows out indicating a faulty fuel pump.

However each time within a month or two sometimkes within a week there used to be another blowout. They even kept the car a whole week to check the problem out once. But the fuse wentout just one month from then. The ECM fuse is 10 amps. One occurance I had replaced the fuse with a 15 amp one on advice of the Ford workshop guys since I had run-out on 10 amp fuses. The next day the car stalled after 10 seconds of starting and then would fire up and stall again. However after a good rev and a sudden dropping of the clutch, the sudden jerk ensured that the car stabilized again.

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The Ford guys now replace the EG sensor or something and the condition does not return for a longer period. But so far there has been 2 times this sensor has been changed. The revving up and jerk with the clutch routine stabilizes the car.

But yesterday the car actually stalled while moving, that too while climbing the second hooghly bridge where usually all vehicles irrespective of their stopping power go pretty fast. Now before calling the Ford guys again and watching them change the Fuel pump as well as the EG sensor only to find the problem resurface a few days later I would want some experiences others might have had in this area enlighten me. I saw one post by BHP that came closest to mine but it only had the stalling angle to it, not the fuse blow-out one.

And I am thinking of ways of blasting them for having replaced my ECM fuse with a higher rating one a possible cover-up for not being able to trace the fault.

Forgot to mention, the car usually runs very smooth and powerful once it starts up. Very abnormal case. Please take it up seriously with FORD. Changing from 10 amp to 15 amp is an eye wash. This essentially means that your service center is trying out their own number at your cost. Wht was the full form of FORD again Dude its sad to hear. Unfortunately in Kolkata there is only one Ford Service center.

I had e-mailed Ford a couple of times regarding this earlier, each time they say they have assigned this as a matter of highest priority and I should be taking the car back to the workshop for their mechanics to attend to it. Surprisingly sometimes that matter of highest priority is forgotten and they end up asking me what is the problem in the first place when the fuse fails to blow-out in front of them.

Even if it does, after being replaced the car behaves normally. The engine diagonostics dont point out to any erratic data they say. Its such a thing that I have no confidence in them now and I am now thinking where to take the car to. The cars still under warranty even then I am not taking it back to them for sorting out, this is the confidence Ford guys have nurtured in me.

One more thing is that parts they replace dont last, case in point is the switch for the reversing light, needed to be replaced thrice.Quick Links. Feel the difference. Table of Contents. Page 2 This publication, or part thereof, may not be reproduced nor translated without our approval. Errors and omissions excepted. Page 4 Table of contents Instruments Starting the engine Gauges Page 5 Table of contents Engine compartment overview - 1.

Fuse box location and diagrams: Ford Fiesta (2002-2008)

Page 7 Table of contents Electromagnetic compatibility Page 10 Now it is easier to tell if you have really been given Ford Original Parts. The Ford logo is clearly visible on the following parts if they are Ford Original Parts.

If your vehicle has to be repaired, look for the clearly visible Ford branding and make sure that only Ford Original Parts have been used. Page 13 Quick start Right-hand drive E Air vents.

See Air vents page Multi-function lever: Direction indicators. See Direction indicators page Main beam. See Lighting control page See Voice control page See Trip computer page Instrument cluster.Last Changed Date:. ECU Connector Information. Wiring Connections for Fuel. Follow the above wiring diagram in sequence to get the best reliable, trouble free, installation for the SMT8L chip. First connect the power to the piggy back chip, which are normally the first two connections.

Then tackle each connection in turn, start the engine and attempt some tuning to establish the validity of your connection. Should there be a fault, simply roll back your last connection. Most of our piggy back chips have a shorting plug which allows you to remove the chip from the car and return the installation to standard.

This particular wiring diagram is for fuel modification. If you are looking for improved fuel consumption and maybe improved performance, then this is the best place to start. Follow us on YouTube where there are examples of past installations. Join our Facebook page where we constantly have competitions and give away prizes as well answering your general questions. As a result of the ECU pin out variations for this vehicle worldwide, this Wiring Diagram is to be used as a guideline only.

Information in this document, including Internet Web Site references, is subject to change without notice. This wiring diagram was downloaded from the www.