Find smallest divisor of string in c

We're going to do some amazing thing from this lesson. Let's see how searching works. The strchr function returns the first occurrence of a character within a string. The strrchr returns the last occurrence of a character within a string. They return a character pointer to the character found, or NULL pointer if the character is not found. Using these functions, let's write a program that output the index of first and last occurrence of all lower case characters in a string.

We'll loop through all lower case characters. Let's define a character array for that and write a loop. Both strchr and strrchr returns a pointer to the character where the occurrence of the sought character is found. Say, the string to be searched is "abcd" and the character to be searched for is 'b'. Then a pointer to character 'b' within the string is returned. If the character is not found then NULL is returned. We declare two character pointers to hold the returned values from the functions.

Remember, we search for alpha[i] within str. These character pointers are simply the address of the character found within the array. If we subtract the starting address from this address, then we'll find the index of the character. For example, say we're searching character 'b' in the string "abcd". Say, the string starts at memory address The string "abcd" would look in memory as follows:. The starting address of the array can be accessed by the array name.

find smallest divisor of string in c

So the index is calculated as follows:. There is a problem in the code above. The character pointers can be NULL - in case the character is not found in the string.

We can define that if a character is not found within the string, then the character's index is -1 because -1 is an invalid index, we can use it for this purpose.Write a program to find the largest word in the string. If there are two or more words that are the same length, return the first word from the string with that length. Ignore punctuation and other special characters. Here, word considered as a form of alpha numeric characters a-Z, Special characters are not consider as word.

To print all palindromes present in a word. Conversion program from number to words. Hari Prasath R January 14, 0. Largest Word Of String Write a program to find the largest word in the string. Hari Prasath R. Beginner C Interview Questions. Descending even and ascending odd Program.

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HariPrasath TV October 14, 1. Advanced C Interview Questions. Check whether the Binary number is Palindrome or not. Vignesh September 20, 0. Program to print down up number pattern. Vignesh September 18, 0. Minimum count of numbers in the Fibonacci series. Vignesh September 17, 0. Find Straight City Goldman Sachs. Hari Prasath R September 16, 0. Competitive programming Questions Hackerank Hackerearth. Sree Hari Sanjeev September 14, 0.Given two positive integers N and M.

If there are no such divisors, then print A naive approach is to iterate for every factor and calculate the gcd of the factor and M. If it exceeds M, then we have the answer.

Smallest prime divisor of a number

An efficient approach is to iterate till sqrt n and check for gcd i, m. If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can also write an article using contribute.

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Writing code in comment? Please use ide. Python3 implementation of the above approach. Function to find the minimum divisor. Iterate for all factors of N. If gcd is m itself. This code is contributed by Rituraj Jain. Min sec, mini. WriteLine findMinimum n, m. Recommended Posts: Smallest prime divisor of a number Find the k-th smallest divisor of a natural number N Smallest power of 4 greater than or equal to N Smallest subarray such that all elements are greater than K Highest and Smallest power of K less than and greater than equal to N respectively Length of Smallest subarray in range 1 to N with sum greater than a given value Smallest number greater or equals to N such that it has no odd positioned bit set Smallest number greater than or equal to N divisible by K Smallest number greater than n that can be represented as a sum of distinct power of k Smallest Greater than S String of length K whose letters are subset of S Smallest Special Prime which is greater than or equal to a given number Smallest integer greater than n such that it consists of digit m exactly k times Max occurring divisor in an interval Generating numbers that are divisor of their right-rotations Sum of greatest odd divisor of numbers in given range.

Check out this Author's contributed articles. Load Comments.Arrays a kind of data structure that can store a fixed-size sequential collection of elements of the same type.

An array is used to store a collection of data, but it is often more useful to think of an array as a collection of variables of the same type. Instead of declaring individual variables, such as number0, number1, …, and number99, you declare one array variable such as numbers and use numbers[0], numbers[1], and …, numbers[99] to represent individual variables.

A specific element in an array is accessed by an index. All arrays consist of contiguous memory locations. The lowest address corresponds to the first element and the highest address to the last element. The program output is also shown in below. The Output of the program is shown above. If you found any error or any queries related to the above program or any questions or reviewsyou wanna to ask from us ,you may Contact Us through our contact Page or you can also comment below in the comment section.

We will try our best to reach up to you in short interval. Thanks for reading the post…. What is an Array? Enter size of Array Max : 50 :: 8. Enter Elements to Array Below Enter arr [ 0 ] Element :: 0. Enter arr [ 1 ] Element :: 3. Enter arr [ 2 ] Element :: 5. Enter arr [ 3 ] Element :: 1.

Enter arr [ 4 ] Element :: 8. Enter arr [ 5 ] Element :: 5. Enter arr [ 6 ] Element :: 3.

Program To Find LCM In C

Enter arr [ 7 ] Element :: 9. Searching for smallest element. Process returned 0. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply.The Modulus operator is used to extract the digit at the end of a given number. Here, we have initialized the variable small with 10 as it is the highest value any digit in a number can be. So, whenever you fetch any digit, it can go upto 9 as its maximum value. To find smallest digit in an integer, why do we need to use modulus operator. I am confused with it.

find smallest divisor of string in c

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C Program to Find the Largest/Longest String

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find smallest divisor of string in c

From Project Euler problem It's simple enough to count the divisors of n, eg. This is O n.

Rfm calculator

I tried brute force search and found the smallest number with 32 divisors isbut it's much too slow for the problem above. Edit : I don't think this is a duplicate. This question is more specific, it concerns a particular class of much larger numbers. The other question asks generally. Its answers aren't applicable to this problem, it's a different magnitude. Now just apply the product rule and you get the desired formula.

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For fixed d n as in your casethe minimum value of n is obviously obtained by carefully selecting powers of existing primes, or by adding new primes.

Let's work through this simple example, The question is now - in order to get minimum value of xis it better to increase the powers of 2 i. How to generalize this approach? You should create min-heap where you'll put the powers of primes, taking care that the number of divisors reaches the specified value.

In case of 16, this min-heap would contain numbers 2, 3, 5, 7, 2 23 22 4 etc. Every time when you add new power, it should increase the left hand side i.

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Here is the high level gist of my Javascript - where factorCount represents the number of divisors:. My algorithm starts shitting the bed when the input gets up to around million However, this is a good general approach that gets you pretty far.

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Hope it helps. The highest divisor any number has, other than itself, is the half of the number. For example, has a max divisor of 60 other than itself. For example, a number with 4 divisors has to be atleast 6. So, your search for n has a smaller range now. As Miljen Mikic explains, the divisor counting function is determined by the prime factorisation. To calculate n, start at 1 and use a greedy algorithm to double the number of divisors k times, choosing the cheapest factor at each step.

The initial costs are the prime numbers, replaced by their square when you use them. After precomputing the first k prime numbers, you can do this quickly with a min-heap. In Python. Phew, I just solved it in java. This puzzle is as much about optimization as anything: get your code working and then refactor hard.

Re-use the results of earlier calculations, try not to sort anything, and stop iterating as soon as you can NavigableSet and LinkedHashMap were useful. I'm not going to teach my grandmother to efficiently test for primality. I used java long throughout, but with numbers of this size it's easy to go over Long. I can see the even and odd elements have separate equationIn this tutorial, we will learn about how to find and print factorial of any given number with and without using function.

Here we have also created a recursive function to find out the factorial of any number. To find the factorial of any given number in C programming, you have to ask from user to enter the number. Now find the factorial of that number using the for loop that runs from the number to 1, and then display the factorial result of the number as shown in the program given below.

find smallest divisor of string in c

Following C program ask from the user to enter any number to find its factorial, then display the result on the screen :. As the program was written under Code::Blocks IDE, therefore after successful build and run you will get the following output as shown in the snapshot given below:.

Here is the second snapshot of the sample run:. Here is another program that will calculate the factorial of any given number using recursive function:. Tools Calculator. C Program to Find Factorial of any Number. Find Factorial of Number in C To find the factorial of any given number in C programming, you have to ask from user to enter the number. All Rights Reserved.