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I am frequently asked how I was able to complete the WGU so quickly and whether I have any advice for upcoming students. I can tell you exactly what I did to study and finish however keep in mind that this is what worked for me during my enrollment.

You may study differently, your courses may be different, etc. These tips pertain to the courses that I took during my time in the RN to BSN program inthey may not be applicable to the current course content. Double check any info with your student or course mentors. Health Assessment: This should be no issue for anyone with prior medical experience.

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I personally went through the chapters in the Course of Study and took the practice exams at the end of each which helped. Care of the Older Adult: Again basic knowledge of elder care here, this will closely mimic your gerontology nursing class from back in the day.

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I was shocked. This is supposed to be one of the easiest and most remedial of all of the BSN courses. You cannot log practicum hours for your final practicum until this course is done. This one was my first PA course. I did what was recommended and that was to finish the tasks in backwards order, so task 4 then task 3, saving task 1 for the end.

Reasoning was that task 1 is pretty intense and long and it helped to get a few other writing tasks under your belt before jumping into that one. You get to see how the whole grading thing and Taskstream work along with getting used to the rubrics. The long paper is ultimately a set up of your final practicum, you research your specific community and look for deficits and things that you can essentially work to research more for the final practicum where you log all of your hours.

Applied Statistics: Some people struggle with this one, not sure if that is because of the newer version of stats or just different learning styles. I thought Stats was not too bad. I read through the community advice to focus on Chapters knowing them like the back of my hand. I read the chapters, took each quiz at the end and re-read areas that I missed on the quizzes. In my opinion the OA was identical to this practice study guide. So that said, this was a very easy exam, basic principles of what to eat for certain populations ie.The interview entails a detailed interview with an academic nurse educator.

The interview was conducted through a face to face meeting, where I had an opportunity of asking various questions regarding her job and the responsibilities that she executes daily. Renee was highly willing to respond to the asked questions, and I perceived this as a kind gesture considering that she handles different roles within the facility, thus making her very busy.

The interview questions were explicitly focusing on the academic nurse educator roles and the components surrounding it. An advanced nurse educator has to be an all-around individual since they are molding other leaners into being productive members in the coming years. One has to learn to comply with the existing legal and ethical principles and also act in a professional manner. They have to understand what entails the scope of nursing practice. One has to have a full understanding of the curriculum and implementation process and be part of leadership and management advocacy.

One has to have a passion for nursing and teaching. An academic nurse educator has to be a highly skilled communicator and have high intellectual curiosity so that they do not feel intimidated working with other smart people.

How does having an understanding of the curriculum and implementation process make one a successful nurse educator? This is a highly essential component in the education industry since one will understand how the new information will impact both the educators and the learners.

Thus, they will adopt effective measures to enable them to deliver quality information as per the curriculum guidelines.

c918 wgu

These factors pose some adverse effects on ANE roles. The changing social and employment legislation and academic regulations in the nation result in lower employment rates of the academic nurse educators, and thus, this can discourage both the educators and the learners in pursuing this area.

The levels of the income distribution can also pose a challenge since an academic nurse educator may not feel content with their pay in their current area, and this can lower their morale and productivity. Despite the many challenges, there is always a way out. One can focus on furthering their education and be highly aggressive, and this will give them a more marketable approach of acquiring well-paying employment opportunities both within multiple environments.

I also ensure I have up to date information on the changes to the state practice act. The facility also ensures that there is constant training where employees get current updates on how to act ethically and be role models in society. A significant number of learners indicates that the information presented by the educators has helped make them practice standard operating procedures which are in line with the current acts and legislation.

My key responsibilities are primarily academic and the key activities that I engage in to ensure the learners meet the set outcomes include teaching and advising the students, conducting academic research and guiding the learners through the process, offering materials that are in line with the current curriculum and assessing educational outcomes. I act as their coach in their own learning process to engage them in self-development. The significant changes underline the curriculum part, and thus, that is why an educator has to be updated on the changes in the curriculum so that they can offer proper guidance to the learners.

The other elements seem to be constant, but one has to focus on meeting the learners presenting needs that align with their course objectives.

The ANE must remain current with nursing practice and ensure that the material being delivered is accurate and also meets the approval of the university. Just like in any other sector, technological evolution yields numerous advantages to the nursing education sector. Technology enables learners to acquire online education, and this is easier since there is the use of web-based and live simulations, reference guides, apps, and electronic textbooks. This eases my role as an educator since it is cheaper to acquire online materials for the students than accessing the hard copies, and also it saves time which could be diverted to other activities.To assist you with the culminating educational experience of completing a capstone for your degree, WGU has provided the Comprehensive Capstone Archive site.

This Archive gives you access to the capstone work of other students in order to get an idea of how to proceed with your own individual capstone.

However, to make this experience more intuitive, seamless, and successful, WGU will be retiring this site and encouraging students to use the Model Capstone Archive site instead.

Retiring the Comprehensive Capstone Archive will eliminate confusion about older, discontinued tasks or capstone models as well as the difficulty of finding pertinent capstones amid the thousands of examples housed there.

If you have given your permission, your work will continue to be added to the Comprehensive Capstone Archive through Octoberbut be advised that the site will be retired at the end of However, the Model Capstone Archive continues to be available for student use. In addition to housing solid models of student work in most current degree programs, this archive also showcases superlative projects of students who have received the Capstone Excellence Award.

Our focus on your success starts with our focus on four high-demand fields: K—12 teaching and education, nursing and healthcare, information technology, and business.

Every degree program at WGU is tied to a high-growth, highly rewarding career path. Which college fits you? Want to see all the degrees WGU has to offer? View all degrees. By submitting you will receive emails from WGU and can opt-out at any time.

We're emailing you the app fee waiver code and other information about getting your degree from WGU. Ready to apply now? October 20, Share this: Twitter. Is an online nursing degree credible?

Pop quiz on careers beyond teaching. College of Business Online.Johann N. Recently, the U.

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Some of us, of course, have long known that WGU, which proclaims itself a university but has no professors, has been a diploma mill for a long time. The law set a floor to avoid a race to the bottom on public dollars. In other words, students received credit without instruction.

The second major determination by the audit was that WGU wrongly labeled its self-paced courses as credit-hour courses. Credit-hour courses are required to offer a minimum level of weekly instruction that self-paced programs are not. Back inwhen WGU was first coming to my state of Washington, I decided I needed to learn more about this school with no professors that policy makers seemed to love.

So I gave them a call. I asked them about their professors. We have mentors. But that could not be. What if I struggle, I asked.

Surely, things have now changed. But I pushed on. I was confused. Every respectable school, I noted, listed faculty members on their websites so I would know who would be my academic mentors and teachers.

c918 wgu

Remember: WGU has no professors; it divides up the components of faculty work —mentoring students, designing curricula, teaching, assessing student work, and academic program governance—into distinct jobs. Course instructors do not offer instruction, much less the kinds of deep, active learning that defines good teaching on a college campus.

But once I use my tips and tricks to do well and pass my classes, I wondered who grades my work. Tips and tricks. Perhaps nothing better sums up what WGU offers. It provides non-traditional students who deserve more with less. But it ensures that they get a degree. But this is no different than what the Great and Powerful Oz offered to the Scarecrow. A diploma. This article is not accurate. I took classes at WGU.Deep Neural Networks are notoriously sensitive to the chosen topology and the algorithm used to optimize the parameters thereof.

This sensitivity means that hand-tuning the topology and optimization algorithm can be difficult and time-consuming as the number of choices that lead to poor networks typically vastly outnumber the choices that lead to good ones. To combat this problem, BigML offers first class support for automatic network topology search and parameter optimization.

The algorithm BigML uses is a variant on the hyperband algorithm. Instead of selecting candidates for evaluation at random, however, we use an acquisition technique based on techniques from Bayesian parameter optimization.

You can also list all of your deepnets. This argument can be used to change the names of the fields in the models of the deepnet with respect to the original names in the dataset. All the fields in the dataset Specifies the fields to be included as predictors in the models of the deepnet. Example: false name optional String,default is dataset's deepnet The name you want to give to the new deepnet.

One per objective class. Each entry is map containing the specific parameters for the algorithm. See the Optimizer Object for more details. Specifies the type of ordering followed to build the models of the deepnet. The range of successive instances to build the models of the deepnet. The final deepnet returned by the search is a compromise between the top n networks found in the search.

Example: true seed optional String A string to be hashed to generate deterministic samples. Dataset sampling doesn't apply to evaluations for time series.

BigML has learned some general rules about what makes one network structure better than another for a given dataset. Given your dataset, BigML will automatically suggest a structure and a set of parameter values that are likely to perform well for your dataset.

This option only builds one network. Example: true tags optional Array of Strings A list of strings that help classify and retrieve the deepnet. The theory is that these engineered features will linearize obvious non-linear dependencies before training begins, and so make learning proceed more quickly. Example: "000005" Depending on the descent algorithm chosen and the topology of the network, certain other parameters may apply.

You can also use curl to customize a new deepnet from the command line. For example, to create a new deepnet named "my deepnet" using descent algorithm "adam".

New way to access capstone work of previous grads.

Once a deepnet has been successfully created it will have the following properties. Creating a deepnet is a process that can take just a few seconds or a few days depending on the size of the dataset used as input and on the workload of BigML's systems.

The deepnet goes through a number of states until its fully completed. Through the status field in the deepnet you can determine when deepnet has been fully processed and ready to be used to create predictions. Once you delete a deepnet, it is permanently deleted.

If you try to delete a deepnet a second time, or a deepnet that does not exist, you will receive a "404 not found" response.

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However, if you try to delete a deepnet that is being used at the moment, then BigML. To list all the deepnets, you can use the deepnet base URL. By default, only the 20 most recent deepnets will be returned.

You can get your list of deepnets directly in your browser using your own username and API key with the following links. You can also paginate, filter, and order your deepnets. When you create a new prediction using a model, BigML.You will receive a new password via e-mail.

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Press enter or select the go button to submit requestSearch by city or zip code. Press enter or select the go button to submit request Local forecast by"City, St" or Zip Code Search by city or zip code. Outlooks Fire Wx Outlooks RSS Feeds E-Mail Alerts Weather Information Storm Reports Storm Reports Dev. Products Forecast Tools Svr. Fujita Page Our History Public Tours Misc.

For example, storm report page for 20150430 covers reports from 20150430 at 1200 UTC to 20150501 at 1159 UTC. Full report in comma-separated values (CSV) format and in KML format. Full filtered report in comma-separated values (CSV) format and in KML format.

KML files are created with time-enabled placemarks compatible with Google Earth Time Slider. Raw full report in comma-separated values (CSV) format. List of Weather Forecast Office 3-letter IDs appear in the report comments section.

c918 wgu

If you would like to view storm report images for a previous day, type in the date you wish to retrieve (e. Norman, OK 73072 U. In addition to the principle theme of shared responsibility, each week of NCSAM has its own theme as well.

When the term incident response is raised, the first thing that might come to mind is organizations having to prepare for a possible cyber incident that might adversely affect its operations and bottom line. And that is, indeed, true as ever, but incident response is also the business of anyone operating an endpoint, including consumers, whether using the internet on a desktop, laptop or mobile device.

With attacks such as ransomware rising uncontrollably, constant escalation in mobile threats, and cybercriminals devising more ways to compromise and use personal data, it is high time for consumers to have an incident response plan of their own.

As a consumer, do you have a backup system set up for your important files and cherished memories. It is easy to set up cloud backups, and a low-cost option is to also own an external drive you can save your files to and keep disconnected from the endpoint. Do you know what to do to secure your online accounts. What if your password somehow gets reset and a criminal takes over your account. Do you have a setup that will inform you of an issue outside a short message service (SMS) message. Maybe SMS is not the best option for some of your accounts, and that should not be an afterthought if that account holds any value to you.